"The bedrock of any strong, successful society depends on the educational system."

To have a better society, the upcoming generation needs to be provided with quality education as they will hold future leadership positions. In so doing, honesty and moral standards are to be in the educational system. Therefore, Christian education is vital in a society. According to Knight (2006), “Christian education that is Christian in fact, rather than merely in word, must view the nature and potential of the student, the role of the teacher, the content of the curriculum, the mythological emphasis, and the social function of the school in the light of its philosophic undergirding” (p. 203). Christian education should be a redemptive activity that is being used as a support of God’s restorative and reconciling power. All humans have weaknesses, but students need to be taught the principle of self-control and not be controlled by their emotions and selfish ambition. Being an image bearer of Christ, students need to learn how to reason, make responsible decisions, and spiritual choices. Each student must be viewed as one who has endless potential because they are God’s children who bear God’s image and whose greatest need is to know God as their personal Savior. Funaki & Glencorse (2014), state, “actions to counter corruption often look at individuals…as moral agents fully cognizant of the cause and consequence of their actions” (p. 840). The Liberian society must look beyond themselves and think of the greater good of the country for all people ultimately honoring God. The goal is to teach in such a way that students feel affections for Christ and then out of that affection for Christ want to honor, love, and obey Him.

Hope International Christian Academy is a Nursery-12th grade school dedicated to the mission of the Bridges of Hope organization located in rural Liberia, Bensonville. The school desires to educate the students with a Biblical standard in order to help fight corruption in the country. Our current teachers and students are committed and sacrificing physically and financially to the betterment of the school.  They want to begin a culture of Biblical behavior that will glorify God.

Why Engage In Providing Education To Liberian Children?

73% of girls 15 and older are illiterate

66% of primary age children are out of school

1 book for every 26 students

54% of people live in poverty

Information taken from Population: CIA World Factbook 2015; The World Bank, 2016; UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS)

Intended Outcomes for Students

Demonstrate and understand how to live a Christ-centered life through a lifestyle of character, leadership, stewardship, service, and joyful worship and promotion of the name of Jesus.

Engage the culture with biblical worldview, stand for truth, experience their greatest joy in knowing Christ, and spread the Good News of Christ.

The students will provide for themselves a reasonable livelihood through the education they receive at Hope International Christian Academy.

Lead communities with integrity and being loyal to one another.

Bless others through the discipleship they receive through Bridges of Hope.


Elijah Kobbia
Elijah Kobbia Principal
Vera Padmore
Vera Padmore Daycare Teacher
Esther 1st Grade Teacher
Annie Nelson
Annie Nelson Nursery/ABC Class
Sonnie Jallah
Sonnie Jallah K1/K2 Teacher
James Gbamgborlor
James Gbamgborlor English Teacher
James Varmah
James Varmah History Teacher
Mr. Siakai Kollie
Mr. Siakai Kollie French Teacher
Aaron Gmatoh
Aaron Gmatoh Geography Teacher
Helen Leweah
Helen Leweah 2nd Grade Teacher
Samuel Gibson
Samuel Gibson 3rd Grade Teacher
John Shelton
John Shelton Physics/Math Teacher
Benjamin Sunday
Benjamin Sunday Upper Elementary Teacher
Myers Gweh
Myers Gweh Chemistry/Biology Teacher
Enathan Hoggard
Enathan Hoggard Upper Elementary Teacher
Odecious Logan
Odecious Logan HS Language Arts
Moses Kobbia
Moses Kobbia Math/Science Teacher
Rev. A. Timothy Sackie
Rev. A. Timothy Sackie Bible/Economics Teacher
Wesley Digler
Wesley Digler Agriculture