One of the current projects is to train teachers to shepherd the hearts of students by using a Christ-centered curriculum with the goal of students having knowledge and wisdom in how to live a Christ-centered life through a lifestyle of character, leadership, stewardship, service, and joyful worship and promote the name of Jesus. The greater goal is to use this model to train teachers throughout Africa and other parts of the world to disciple and train students in Christ-centered living.

Healthcare is also a great need in Liberia. To address this need, Bridges of Hope has purchased ten acres of land to establish a clinic/hospital to address the physical healthcare needs of Liberians. While meeting the physical needs, the clinic will provide the opportunity to meet spiritual needs through sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Discipleship and Training pastors to spread the gospel throughout Liberia is needed. We will do this through planting a Bible-teaching church.

In a country where a Bible-teaching church to spread the gospel is needed and affordable, quality healthcare and education are scarce – we can make a difference. With you, we can extent HOPE to Liberia but also give this hope rippling throughout the rest of the developing world.

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