After 14 years of civil war that destroyed lives and property, Liberia is a country with a high burden of disease that is in need of quality healthcare. The country has had poor health care due to the lack of trained medical staff and resources. Given this outgrowing need of quality healthcare, Hope Health is engaging in providing quality healthcare and empowering Liberians to live Christ-centered lives. The clinic will utilize quality equipment and compassionate, caring, Christ-centered staff that will be able to share the love of Jesus with each patient. Staff will educate patients in many factors that affect overall health, including nutrition, exercise, environment, and heredity.

Hope Health will strive to provide healthcare that is nearby for the Mount Barclay Community and the surrounding area (approximate population 25,000) the most comprehensive medical care possible to optimize compassionate care and the well-being for each patient. The clinic will depend upon support from donors with the long-term goal of the clinic being self-sufficient.

The Clinic will perform procedures after the risks and benefits have been assessed by the physician and explained and understood by the patient. Written consent will be obtained from the patient.

Ten acres of land has been purchased for the future home of Hope Health (Clinic/Hospital). We are currently working on blueprints. The end goal of this project is for the clinic to become a hospital, but if the financial means is available, we would like to build the hospital and clinic together.

Hope Health Land

Here shows the land on which Hope Health will be built.
You can help with the construction of this facility by sending your prayers and
your financial gifts.