Liberian Board Members

Our “Boots on the Ground” Team

Meet our dedicated team that is sold out the mission of empowering Liberians to Live Christ-centered Lives.

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Reverend G. Victor and Marie Padmore

Founder/Board Member

Thomas N.B. Padmore

Financial Administrator/Board Member

Elijah Kobbia

Principal/Board Member


Reverend G. Victor and Marie Padmore

In Marie’s home, they did not know three meals a day nor did her siblings and her complete school semesters because her parents could not afford all the financial requirements.  Then, the civil war came in Liberia. It lasted for so long, 14 years. With all of these circumstances and with God’s direction a vision for Hope Village was born. The beginning of the dream started in 1999  with Reverend G. Victor and Marie Padmore to establish a school and take care of orphans. The school now provides education to around 320 students and has a few orphans. Now the vision is joining Marie’s brother, Martin’s vision, to have a health facility and a church in addition to a school.

Marie serves Bridges of Hope as a founding board member.  The school is her and her husband’s dream and is excited to expand this vision to healthcare and a church.  She is excited to play an integral part as Bridges of Hope is moving forward in building a clinic. She holds a Masters of Nursing in Nursing Education and a BA degree in Nursing both from Cuttington University and a Diploma in Certify Midwifery from Phebe Para-Medical Training Programs & School of Nursing.  She is grateful to bring to the table knowledge and understanding of the Liberian Healthcare and knows the importance of following protocols in ensuring quality, compassionate care sharing the love and gospel of Christ to her patients.

Rev. G. Victor Padmore holds a Master degree on Pastoral Theology with emphasis on Hospital Chaplaincy and a bachelor and diploma in Theology. He has served as an ordained minister for 29 years.  In 2003 the first 10 acres was purchased. In 2004 we were joined by Bridges of Hope to come this far. He is thankful for the partnership of Bridges of Hope to realized this dream.

Thomas N.B. Padmore – Financial Administrator/Board Member

Thomas serves Bridges of Hope as a board member and Accounting Administrator.  With his background in accounting and finance Thomas brings the ability to keep detailed financial records.  He holds a BA degree in Accounting and MBA in Finance from Cuttington University and a certificate in Advanced Public Administration from DTI Madrend, South Africa.  He served as the Administrative Officer for the Health Sector Pool Fund since 2013. He has experience in developing annual plans for strategic funding, unit budgets, and work plans.  He participated in periodic reviews of accounting and financial management policies, practices and procedures for the Pool Fund. He has grateful to use his accounting skills and uphold financial accountability within the Bridges of Hope organization.  He is married to his beautiful wife, Tawoda, and has one son.

Elijah Kobbia -Principal/Board Member

Elijah serves Bridges of Hope as a board member and principal and of Hope International Christian Academy (HICA). He has served in this role since 2008. He runs a tight ship at HICA and has owned the vision of the organization. His desire is to see the school become a model school for other Liberian schools to follow. He has great excitement of how God is and is going to use HICA to transform Liberian for God’s glory. He holds a BA degree in Biology and plans to further his education in school administration in the future. He is grateful for the opportunity to serve and is committed to moving the vision of empowering Liberians to live Christ-centered lives forward.